AmSci Logo and Branding

Ammons Scientific Ltd., an academic publisher of journals looking to expand offerings from Psychology to more disciplines, was rebranding to AmSci, and wanted a new logo, a new look, a new tagline, a new focus.

After many ideas, the final logo was chosen to represent both academics and publishing, with the flame of knowledge as well as an open book. Original concepts that included the Psychology symbol were discarded, for the sake of expanding the offerings.

The words were carefully chosen for the tagline. In the end: Originality | Creativity | Understanding. These, it was felt, captured how AmSci is distinct from other academic publishers in the same field.

The overall theme of the colors and iconography were blue, with a wavy line backdrop, and orange and white logo, which stands out from the backdrop. Imagery was chosen that is solid and also unique – like hands holding the earth, or a brain with gears.

This project involved web design, branding, logo design, graphic design of brochures, graphic design of all journal covers, book cover designs, and tutorial videos, as well as email marketing campaigns and ads.