SIRCO Samplers Handbook

The product line of automatic water samplers of a small industrial manufacturer was in trouble on all fronts, and the project to turn it around was intensive, and took over a year. First, major work was done in competitive research and market analysis. Current customers were talked to, and what ensued was a fact-finding mission: what are SIRCO Samplers’ biggest strength, and where do they fall short?

Once the strengths were analyzed, material was ready to be produced. Among all the printed materials, the website was created. After creation, intensive UX (user experience) tests were done, and the goal of improving the SEO (search engine optimization) as well as the Conversion Optimization (percentage of buying customers from site visitors).

The overall result was over a doubling in sales, and very quickly the online arm of sales became greater than current customers.

The project overall involved: branding, logo, website design, graphic design, UI, UX, videography, writing, photography, visioning, SEO and conversion optimization. This is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Ephie Risho, as far as long-term results, although some clients have brought in more income as a result of his efforts.