Zootown Fringe Festival 2014

The Zootown (Missoula) Fringe Festival needed a new theme for a new year. The design had to be eye-grabbing and “fringy,” or edgy.

Since it is a performing arts festival, we chose the tagline: “Performance Outside the Box.” The designs reflect this idea – with a Monty-Python-esque feel, cut out and rough images.

The main poster and Porchfest poster used the idea of “outside the box” by having a man’s head with crazy performances coming out of it. For Taste of the Fringe, the idea was to have a taste, which in this case involved a purple cow’s tongue, with all the featured acts written on it.

Video was a component, but not a major one – raw footage of performances was uploaded to YouTube for more interest.

This year’s festival included a 32 page program booklet, as well as a brochure calendar.

graphic design of 30-page program booklet for the fringe festival
30-page Program Booklet for The Zootown Fringe Festival, 2014



graphic design of brochure/flyer calendar for fringe festival
Calendar Flyer/Brochure for the Zootown Fringe Festival 2014